This platform arises with a view to organising a series of protest acts for the literature and culture that surround the minority languages spoken and written in the Spanish State, specifically in the Països Catalans, Euskal Herria and Galiza. Likewise, it is intended to highlight some events that have happened in the last 47 years of supposed democracy in the Spanish State and that are worth highlighting.

We believe that this alternative platform to the official venue and program will be the ideal space to draw international attention to our languages and cultures, a space that will allow writers, artists, activists, journalists and editors from our nations to be present at these dates and make themselves known to a public interested in minority languages and cultures and make our political reality visible.

We also want to provide a different view on controversial issues of Spanish "democracy", outside the framework of the discourse that the Spanish State will have in its official program.

The BeyondSpain Fair will be carried out through donations and the individual financing of the participants.

Depending on the situation with the coronavirus, some events may be affected. The German rules and regulations in force on the dates of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2022 must always be respected.